being present

I only got in the practice room for about 45-minutes this afternoon. But, a few lengthy and very useful conversations about meditation and mindfulness (in life and in the practice room) with Art Falbush helped me to find the head space I needed to be productive in the short time!

Marimba/Surface Drifts

Improv/Warmup/Technique – finally, today, I felt like I was able to listen again! The improvisation had direction and was purposeful, musical, and open. I started with a simple melodic motive that I slowly embellished in numerous iterations; this, then, fell into longer melodic phrases following intentional (though simple) I IV V chord progressions in several keys; then my left hand fell into a repeating 7/8 groove, and my right hand took over improvising modal melodies.

Surfacen Drifts mm. 28-40 – I worked this section hands separate (from memory) for a while without the metronome; then worked hands together (from memory). These measures are finally starting to get in my hands and head!!

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