Live performance of Cort Lippe’s Music for Snare Drum and Computer – March 2013

SUNY 2013 Oneonta New Music Focus Week

Live performance of an arrangement of The Lord’s Prayer/Amazing Grace/Ave Maria at a memorial service for a family member at a Friend’s Church in Unadilla, NY (July 2018).

I can’t express how grateful I am for the opportunity to have played this for my family. And frankly, it was hard to keep myself together playing this, having two grandparents pass away this year. I’ve played the piece almost every day for the past several months, and there isn’t a single time that I haven’t felt extremely thankful for the ability to find and express my grief with music.

This particular version was arranged by Julia Hillbrick (though I didn’t play it exactly as written). Her arrangement was inspired by Val Eddy’s arrangement for xylophone.

Live performance of Brett Masteller Warren’s Bazss_2.0 – March 2012

SUNY Oneonta 2012 New Music Focus Week

Live performance of Chapman Welch’s Nature Morte – January 2011

26th Annual Conference of Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the USA (SEAMUS)