Really? Oh Danny Boy?

Surface Drifts/4-mallets

Warmup/Improvisation – chordal improvisation with swelling chords, alternating DV… somehow turned into an augmented “O Danny Boy” ?? I guess I just let it take me. 😉

Sightread – Bach fugue (from violin sonata)

AT work – On the back porch! It was so nice to lie down, listening to the fall winds blow through the trees and all the wind chimes I have strategically placed around the yard. I must admit, it has been very difficult finding the time to listen these past few weeks. Even when I have had the time, my  mind has been so preoccupied with course prep and all the looming deadlines, making it seem impossible to simply sit and let go.  I hope today begins a change that can be held through the end of the semester.

mm. 1-40 – played through all, slowly, some from memory, without metronome; worked beat by beat from end backwards, with metronome at 55bpm… playing backwards, phrase by phrase, I only got through the last 8 measures of this section in the course of 45 minutes.

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