one hour = eight measures


Warmup/Improvisation/Technique – improv included the following: paradiddle rudiments between Rfoot and Lhand, reading a 6/8 rudimental snare solo with Rfoot and Lhand and Rhand playing 16th’s on HH, swelling 8th notes (trying for speed) in all limbs with dynamic ups and downs varying between limbs, playing 3:2, 4:3, 5:4 polyrhythms between hands and feet, among other miscellaneous ideas.

Feeling the 90s today – played along with Sublime album


Marimba/Surface Drifts

Improvisation/Technique – a bit meandering again, but improv included to following: focus on SI and DV alternating strokes, started with linear/melodic improvisation, moved towards block and alternating DV chord progression, then melodically arpeggiating chords in F, ended executing chromatic-ish scales and fragments with SI strokes in unpredictable sticking patterns… all with maintaining good tone, and good use particularly in back.

AT work – on floor and standing (also did stiff leg dead lift motion)

Surface Drifts mm. 1-40 – worked mm. 28-40 hands separate at 62bpm (after a few runs of each, was able to play from memory); mm. 28-40 hands together (from memory as much as possible), first without metronome, then with metronome at 50bpm and 55bpm (in full phrases).

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