no holidays for those who must practice

Rip Tide

Worked through all several times – first 2x through I read the RH and LH lines separately, but with both hands playing the same line in octaves. I did this at 1/4 note = 120bpm… purpose = to work on endurance and getting eyes to focus on R or L or center at different times. Next I read through RH and LH separately at 1/4 note = 130bpm (getting faster!!).

Worked on Layout 1-2 trying to push it at 1/4 note = 100bpm… lots of inaccuracy, but needed to try pushing the tempo up a bit.

Finally, I worked through the entire piece varying the metronome from 1/4 note = 60-80bpm where needed.

Surface Drift

Layout 3 – actually turned the metronome on this one today at 1/4 note = 80bpm, then at 100bpm – playing DV rolls throughout. It definitely gave the piece a different forward motion, and I realized that I previously wasn’t counting much… just rolling through things at whatever length I wanted.

Technique – focused on ripple rolls (1243)

Layout 1 – worked through all; tested memorization of page 1

Layout 2 – basically sight-read through (in many places one hand at a time)

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