my zoom recorder needs fixing AGAIN

Rip Tide

Nothing. I didn’t plan to take a few days away from Rip Tide, but I must need a break from it. 😉

Surface Drift

Technique (60 minutes) – similar exercises as before; also, SA 16th notes with inside and outside lead (from m2 – octave) at 1/4 note = 100bpm (to develop strength and endurance for layout 3 rolls). Mallet 1 is weak, and generally need to strengthen outer mallets.

Layout 3 (45 minutes) – metered (triplets and 16ths) SA rolls at 1/4 note = 80bpm; DV rolls at 1/4 = 80bpm; ripple rolls – just read through and mostly at mp (this is the hardest roll type to play at ff). Should record soon…. must fix Zoom recorder!

Layout 2 (60 minutes) – tried to think through sticking; originally, I though it would be a lot of 12121212 in LH and 34343434 in RH simultaneously, but… it is so fast (and spread out) I think 1111111/222222 and 333333/4444444 will actually be easier to control.

Technique needs for Layout 2 – develop ability to play 5s and 6s in both hands simultaneously, while moving in opposing directions in uncoordinated chromatic lines… at 1/4 note = 100bpm. WTF Gatonska?!?!?!?!   😉

Layout 1 (30 minutes ) – tested memorization of page 1… definitely getting better.


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