grants, record labels, and getting back to my instruments!

Sometimes a musicians work is not at the instrument! That has been so true this past month. I have been able to practice, but it is often only a few 15- or 30-minute sessions during the week. I have, however, been making a lot of progress toward completing the first of the two albums of music I started during sabbatical. Last week I was in the studio working on final mixes with Andris Balins, and just listening to the two tracks back to back, over and over. This week was all about completing grant applications and researching record labels. Trying to get this to a record label was definitely not on my mind when I started the project, but why not!? I also woke up one morning with a new tentative name for the first album of this project (this album will include the feedback loop piece and the time lag accumulator piece); the title, “unsounding/resounding” or “unsound/resound”. Thoughts??

In any case, I have spent so much time sitting at the computer writing that I really had no interest in blogging about it!! 😉 Today, though, I just finished submitting midterm grades and have a bit of a break from all the computer work (at least a few days before the next written deadline…ugh!). So, I am going to practice all morning!!


4-mallet warmup/improvisation – improvised without much in mind, not really focused, but did play around with chord progressions for about 15 minutes, working in all stroke types (just needed to get hands into it this morning… having my head in the game would be nice too).

Alexander technique – did a little work on the floor, and in standing position

Snare – worked through a few pieces I am playing with my students in percussion ensemble.

Sightread – Bach Violin Sonata No. 2 grave

Surface Drifts – Played through all, slowly and at medium volume… I don’t want to overwork the hands by pushing too quickly

(yes, I was all over the place today!)

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