A less negative term for problem spots???

Again, it has been about a week since my last practice post. I have been working on Alexander Technique, basic exercises on the marimba and pad, and working through orchestra music for upcoming gig.

This week, I want to play through both Rip Tide and Surface Drifts, with hands separate and together, focusing on maintaining bounce in arms (Alexander Technique thinking…). I am trying to stick with the idea of directing my hands/arms in a loose and free way while also focusing on playing accurate notes with good tone. Trying to not let the focus on notes mean that I can’t also be aware of my movement.

Rip Tide

Played through all (from end to beginning) without metronome, but around 100bpm… able to play hands together fairly well, while maintaining loose/bouncy arms. The concept of thinking about loose/bouncy arms is taken from the AT book I mentioned a few posts ago, Indirect Procedures… more specifically, thinking about arms as being supported below by a large, bouncy rubber ball, and from above by a stretchy rubber band. As the author says, ‘The imagination is the most powerful thing in the world.”

Continued by working on problem spots only, at appropriate metronome markings (as identified in previous posts). If I can make the problem spots loose, then I think all will be loose. And, perhaps I should stop calling them problem spots… .maybe it’s all in my head. If these are no longer problem spots… what should I call them?

Off to load instrument for rehearsal… May the fourth be with you 😉


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