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4-mallets/Surface Drifts

Warmup/Improvisation/Technique – worked through all stroke types, playing tonal melodic lines, and some more ‘free’ improvisation, ended with an ostinato bass line in LH with RH executing M2/m2 in various polyrhythms over it

Surface Drifts: mm. 1-39 and grace notes – had great conversation with pianist Adam Kent re: chopin-esque melisma/grace notes that influenced practice today (think about finding harmony in the composite grace note figures, work on executing single hand linear passages, hear/find groupings and work polyrhythms of groupings rather than each individual note); worked grace notes -hands separate – while playing bigger phrases through all of mm. 1-39 with no metronome; working backwards from 39 to beginning – hands separate in two-beat phrases with metronome at 90bpm

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