august 19, 2017

Snare Drum

Warmup/technique – 8s, 16/32nds, stick control 1-8 no accents, 16th-note triplets with various accents – metronome at 97bpm

Sightreading – Les Parks rudimental solos


Rip Tide/2-mallets

Warmup/technique – GH Green exercise in all major keys, left-hand lead at 117bpm; chromatic scale at 117bpm; exercise for Rip Tide at 137bpm, 149bpm, 160bpm, 178bpm.

Sightreading – Bach Violin Sonatas and Partitas

Mm. 153-end – hands separate and together at 109bpm, 121bpm

Mm. 119-end – hands separate and together at 108bpm, 120bpm

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