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I’ve been out of my regular routine for over a week now (lengthy post coming soon…), so today is basically going to be a warmup to get back into both Rip Tide and Surface Drifts. Unless things go really well – or very poorly – I plan to do at least one 45/60-minute session on each piece. While working today, my AT attention will be on releasing my neck and spine, allowing my shoulders to fall away from my neck and from each other, and feeling the weight of my spine carried in the front of my body (rather than the back).

Rip Tide (first session)

Warmup – exercise made for piece, no metronome, but played between 110-140bpm

Read thru all (BD, cymbals included) at about 90bpm (without metronome). Not too bad. I could definitely feel myself remembering notes/patterns as they were happening, rather than anticipating them. And, either my hands forgot how far away the cymbals were or someone moved them (me) and they got farther away. I also did not feel left foot fatigue until the last two pages. I think this aspect (standing on one foot) is different than before due to better posturing (from AT work) and more strength (from leg work at the gym). I also really don’t like the sound of the BD today…insert blanket.

Mm. 153-168 – 110-120bpm This section is almost ready to be set at 120bpm!

Mm. 167-180 – 100bpm (most difficult choreography of the entire piece) 120bpm = not so much, but getting closer.

While working on these sections, I repositioned the BD so the double pedal is now in a more comfortable position.


Surface Drifts (second session)

Warmup/technique – a long session of DV block chords and alternating DVs, improvising progressions and patterns; long session of SI work, all mallets separate and in combinations of two, integrated improvised, semi-chromatic patterns of 5s.

Played opening chorale from Ewazen’s Marimba Concerto several times.

Sightread Bach Sonatas

I did not actually get into Surface Drifts music today… Mostly, I really needed to get 4-mallets back into my hands, and focus on AT work while moving around the instrument. Also, I was being lazy – I didn’t want to move the BD that was set up for Rip Tide.



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