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Surface Drifts

Technique/warmup – SI/DV warmups; interval changing exercises m2-octave; chromatic scale exercises, focus on mallet combinations 1/3, 2/4, 2/3 for building endurance and accuracy for middle sections of piece; SA exercises focusing on TT-m3 intervals, maintaining dynamic strength and evenness in both mallets, in top three octaves of marimba. LOTS OF FOREARM AND WRIST STRETCHING TODAY!!

Mm . 93-end – worked through with each hand alone, playing unmetered SA rolls, working on volume, evenness of two mallets, and finding the most optimal placement for mallet on bar (considering other hand position, interval and dynamic needs); hands together at 80bpm

Mm. 40-92 – worked hands together at 60-70bpm (except where unison 5s occur… those were hands apart, to be worked on together later);

5s hands together – (hands apart are at 65bpm) trying to see patterns that connect the two hands; so slow with hands together that is isn’t even worth trying to work with the metronome

Mm. 1-25 – memory work; worked with metronome at 45bpm


Rip Tide

Read through all at 80bpm with BD


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