Morning reading – Indirect Procedures, by Pedro de Alcantara (re: Alexander Technique) Chapter 13: Technique


Snare drum

Warmup – improvised in Lt. Kije-ish style, playing ‘boldly’ ppp-fff, slow to medium tempo, duple and triple, included lots of flams, flam taps, and  two- and three-note drags; focus on listening to tone (yes, tone… even on the drum pad!!)

Sightread – Les Parks rudimental solo (almost done reading through the solos in this book)



Improvised melodic linear grooves… turned into some kind of samba groove… then triplet groove. Just taking it where it brings me.


Rip Tide

Set up 4.3 marimba with small BD, and cymbals in practice room on campus

Warmup – improvised 8s, 7s, 6s, etc., with crescendos, decrescendos and odd accents; improvised in range of piece.

The practice room at school is COLD!!! I hate AC, but I have to feel it, accept it, and choose to react to it with something other than hate! Hhhmmm…

mm. 1-42 – 1/4 note at 125bpm hands only, separate and together, worked mm. 30-42 extensively at 110-115bpm. Still sloppy, but my brain is recognizing the patterns sooner.

mm. 43-end – played through several times, in sections and hands only, without metronome… just getting used to cracked marimba bars and significantly different tone and resonance, as well metal sounds (I am not using the best, or even accurate instrumentation, just placing targets) different cymbal placement and different spacing of marimba keys.

I definitely need to mute the cymbals for practice in this room… for my sake, and for those around me. 😉


I was hoping to get in some practice on four-mallets today as well, but I am happy with the amount of work I got done on Rip Tide. In addition to setting up the space, I got my hands on a dehumidifier that is taking out the dampness and making the room a tiny bit warmer (thanks Gavin Vitale!!). Hopefully tomorrow it won’t take 45-minutes for my hands to feel warm!


Evening reading: Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon

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