finally putting it all together… now time to push tempo

Rip Tide (first session)

Warmup exercise – at 130-140-150bpm (feeling tired this morning)

Mm. 43-118 (marimba and cymbals)- 2x at 100bpm; 2x at 105bpm; 1x at 110bpm in sections and identified weak sections; worked those spots without metronome, gradually building tempo until playable at 110bpm. I was able to get everything up to 110bpm. When I come back for the next practice session, I will try running it all at 100bpm, then 110bpm, before I do anything else.

Rip Tide (second session)

Mm. 43-118 (marimba and cymbals) – played through at 100bpm and 110bpm. Accuracy = okay. Worked without metronome a bit.

All (marimba and cymbals) – played through 1x without metronome, but around 105bpm; there are a few problems spots, but the most in need of work is mm. 165-194 – this is where the cymbal parts are more dense and the marimba lines are more sporadic (and, I have spent very little time with cymbals here). SO, that is where I should start tomorrow.

All (marimba, cymbals and BD) – played through 1x without metronome. Not bad with all together, though tempo fell a bit… Over the last few practice sessions, I have been progressively forcing myself to look more at the bass drum part while playing the marimba and cymbals only, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to add it now. Technically, it wasn’t too difficult because the BD parts are mostly ostinato 8th notes. I do, however, need to get myself back to sitting on the stool while playing – I just did this standing up, alternating playing with right or left foot when I got tired. The tempo is too slow right now to necessitate playing with the double kick pedal, and I am not sure that I will actually need it to be double kick in the long run either. If the tempo actually gets up to 180-200bpm, then perhaps. We shall see.

For the next session on this… 1. SIT, 2. add BD, 3. focus on mm. 119-end.

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