finding my footing

Surface Drifts

Warmup – SI, DV, interval exercises; focus on bent knees, using only necessary muscles/motions, full back/spine and abdomen (I tend to shrink my lower back into a tight curve, and to suck in my abdomen. I am definitely more relaxed when I don’t do these things.) Between exercises, I did standing deadlift poses (to awaken hamstrings, and find stable footing) and down/up face dog poses and high planks (to awaken wrists and  shoulders).

Choral warmup (from beginning of Eric Ewazen marimba concerto; sight-read Bach violin fugue

Mm. 1-39 – worked on accuracy, tempo (tried pushing a bit, but without metronome), positioning, focus on choreography from one position to the next


Recording Session with Patti Van Tassel and Andris Balins at Dryhill Studios.


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