just another day in paradise

Snare Drum

Warmup – 8s, stick control with clave accents, metronome at 100bpm

Played thru Surface Drifts RH/LH rhythms on snare, metronome at 100bpm – much better than yesterday

Sightread – Les Parks rudimental solo, metronome at 100bpm


Surface Drifts

Warmup – SI, DV exercises (half diminished chords, dominant 7 chords)

5s at mm. 56-60 – with 1/8th note at 90-95bpm, 1/4 note at 50-60bpm!!!!! This is definitely getting more comfortable at the faster tempos, tension is NOT building as I get faster. I think this has as much to do with how/what I am practicing as what I am doing at the gym these days! Thanks to my PT for understanding how to correct muscle balance by working areas that assist and oppose drum posture!! Also, completely memorized.

5s at mm. 53 and 72 – 1/8 note at 90bpm, hands separate and beat-by-beat following thru to next downbeat; each time moving to higher tempo or next section after at least 10 goo runs. Mostly memorized.

Grace notes – ALL – just ran each hand separately at least 5x. Mostly memorized.

Played thru mm. 1-40 including grace notes (one hand at a time), no metronome. Feels good today, though, no metronome.

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