keeping it simple – day two

I decided to take a day off practicing yesterday. I needed a mental break, and my left wrist was a little swollen/bruised/tender…I think I just hit it on something, but there was no need to inflame it more by practicing.


Surface Drifts

Warmup/technique – exercises for SI, SA, DV strokes

Mm. 1-39 – worked RH only with 1/8th note metronome at 95bpm; worked LH only with 1/8th note metronome at 90bpm; hands together with NO METRONOME; hands separate and together, worked sections from end going backward to beginning in order to get more repetitions with ending material than beginning which is more familiar.

5s/grace notes – worked all grace notes between mm. 1-39 with hands separate, some hands together


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