knowing when to stop

Rip Tide

Warmup/AT focus – gliding and crab walking up and down the instrument – playing chromatic scales, octaves, arpeggios – working on maintaining long spine, while moving lower body and arms simultaneously

Mm. 1-93  – read thru all two times without metronome… accurate and attention to spine was consistent, arms flowed freely; tempos around max tempos indicated in score

Mm. 94-118 – worked through numerous repetitions, determined max tempos now indicated in score – spine check =good!!

Started working on mm. 119-end, but felt tension and misuse of shoulders creeping in, and inability to maintain awareness (especially without judgement) on spine while playing… so I stopped practicing, and called it quits for the day.

I am going out of town this afternoon, otherwise, I would try to come back later in the day. Even though I only practiced about 1.5 hours, and only worked on small sections of the music, this feels like a really good practice day!! 😉

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