stiff leg deadlifts and monkey pose

In addition to getting back into Alexander Technique these past few weeks, I have also started training with personal trainer – Billy Reisen – who is awesome!! Not only is he helping me identify weak areas, but he also watches my form and helps me to develop the awareness of where I should feel each exercise. He will be slowly introducing muscles that I have been completely unaware of to this point. I have already noticed a few key things from my work with him, 1. I have a tendency to over-rely on the front part of my legs (completely ignoring the hamstrings…I really noticed this after we did the stiff leg deadlifts), 2. I have much more strength in my arms when doing pushing motions, rather than pulling, and my previous technique on the rowing machines has not been correct.

So, in practice yesterday and today, I have been posturing myself as if preparing to do the stiff leg deadlift in 10-15 minute intervals while practicing… it reminds my spine to stay strong and straight and integrated with my shoulders, and reminds me to bend slightly at knees and hip joint. Interestingly, this posture is very similar to the AT “monkey pose”.

Spent about 60 minutes playing with four-mallet – in 10-15 minute intervals posturing self as if going to do stiff leg deadlifts/AT monkey pose, while doing DV, SI, and SA stroke exercises. I did not get into Surface Drifts at all, but it was good to feel relaxed just approaching the instrument simply.



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