tempos are up!!

The last few days have been more of the same, but I am finally going to try getting back into 4-mallet work and Surface Drifts today. My shoulders/neck are feeling much better after a few days of light practice and focused light exercises strengthening the opposing muscles (muscles that oppose normal drum/marimba technique).

Sightread 2-mallet music

Rip Tide

Basic warmup – patterned and improvised chromatic lines, hands together moving in opposing directions 1/4 note = 80-140bpm

Pages 10-end – hands separate at 130bpm; hands together at 90bpm

Pages 8-9 – hands separate at 140bpm; hands together at 100bpm

Pages 6-7 – hands separate at 150bpm; hands together at 108bpm

Pages 3-5 – hands separate at 150bpm; hands together at 110bpm

All segments above were interrupted for a 5-10 minute break lying on the floor with knees up (feet on floor).

All tempos above are about 10bpm faster than two weeks ago when I was really working in building tempo! Sometimes, a break is needed for both physical and mental recuperation!! I also feel that this break let me focus on feeling and listening to my neck/shoulder muscles, and now coming back to the pieces fully, I think I am able to play faster because I am moving more efficiently with my arms.

Also, I got new glasses yesterday (my prescription had actually changed for the first time in many years… I can’t even remember the last time). Anyway, there was absolutely NO SQUINTING to see the music. That probably also helps minimize the neck/shoulder (and brain) tension. ;-


Surface Drifts

Started 4-mallet work with improvising, choral and free; basic 4-mallet warmup with all four stroke types

Mm. 61-end with DV block chords (slow reading, no metronome)

Wrists and shoulders were feeling tense, so I stopped playing after about 35 minutes. Need to get back into it slowly.


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