what’s going on?!

Well, it has been a few weeks since I’ve posted my practice. I have been intermittently practicing between last minute summer travels, physical therapy and needing to allow my arms to rest, as well as preparing for the upcoming school year. Now that I am settled in for the semester (starts in less than two weeks!) and my arms are in better shape, I am ready to get back into a more regular routine!


Snare drum

Warmup/technique – 8s, double beat, doubles, controlled bounces into buzz rolls with 3s and 4s (all listening to pitch of sticks for tension changes in hands)

Sightreading – rudimental solos (Les Parks)


Rip Tide/2-mallet

Warmup/technique – chromatic scales (full keyboard), M3/m3/octaves, (alternating and double stops),

Exercise for Rip Tide at 150bpm, 160bpm and 170bpm

Sightreading – Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Violin

Played thru all at 120bpm, with metronome, marimba only


Surface Drifts/4-mallet

SI, DV, SA, DL strokes with chromatic scale exercises, 3rds, MA chords, octaves, in all mallet combinations

Improvised Bach chorale-like melodies, played opening chorale from Ewazen marimba concterto

Played thru all, no metronome, with music



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