figuring out the page layout

Before I began today, I determined how I could best layout the pages on the music stands to avoid needing to turn pages at key moments – for practice purposes, and perhaps performance if the piece is not completely memorized. This was actually pretty easy for both of these movements. Five layouts (of 2-3 pages each) for Rip Tide and three (of 3-4 pages each) for Surface Drift.

RIP TIDE (2-mallet marimba)

Read through all pages slowly – hands together

It always seems difficult to start reading… need to get used to these intervals; can/should not read through this piece as linear patterns in RH vs LH

Tempo goal is 1/4 note = 200bpm – right now reading at 1/4 note = 75bpm

SURFACE DRIFTS (4-mallet marimba)

Read through layout 1 again at 1/4 note = 50bpm (performance tempo is 1/4 note = 100bpm)

Need to start determine stickings

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