starting from scratch

RIP TIDE (2-mallet marimba)

Read through layout 1-2 (layout 1 = pages 1-3/layout 2 = pages 4-5)

NOTE TO SELF: need to READ every day to get used to interval content and look for potential patterns)

Basic exercises useful to develop this piece – 3-note/2-note patterns as RH/LH and LH/RH to develop eye and mental coordination; GH Green 16ths ex 1/4 note = 120. And, double bass drum technique!!

SURFACE DRIFTS (4-mallet marimba)

Read through layout 1 (layout 1 = pages 1-3)

Start determining stickings

Basic exercises useful to develop this piece – scales with 1212 and 3434 sticking; endurance with various roll types – ripple 1243; DV; SA in both hands, but not in unison; 1234

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