brain coordination

RIP TIDE (2-mallet marimba)

Technique – continue building tempo, while improvising more complex chromatic patterns of 3 in LH and 2 in RH, sometimes keeping one hand static while the other moves, sometimes, both moving… Basically, I am trying to get my brain to work with different patterns at same time of different sides of body similar to developing drumset coordination, only much smaller targets!!

Music – read through layout 1-2 (pages 1-5) at 1/4 note = 70bpm and layout 3 at 1/4 note = 60bpm (this is definitely the most difficult section of the pieces

SURFACE DRIFTS (4-mallet marimba)

Technique – more of same

Music – layout 1 and 3 – reading through and beginning to determine stickings on page 1; layout 2 – just reading for now (one hand at a time);

NOTE TO SELF – layout 2 is most difficult reading and technique; I plan to lear layout 1 and 3 first (stickings, tempo, endurance, etc.), while continuing to read through layout 2 to familiarize myself with the notes and to determine the exact technical challenges…. must develop technique exercises to address these challenges in the near future.

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