RIP TIDE (2-mallet marimba)

Layout 1-2 – RH and LH alone at 1/4 note = 100bpm, RH/LH together at 1/4 note = 75bpm; layout 3 hands together at 1/4 note = 60bpm, hands separate 1/4 note = 80bpm; layout 4-5 hands separate at 1/4 note = 80

SURFACE DRIFTS (4-mallet marimba)

Layout 3 – reading, determining sticking, working on endurance to play sustained rolls for long periods, also trying out ripple rolls, DV rolls and misaligned SA rolls for this section… need to send recordings of all these options to the composer to see what he likes best. But, need to be able to play at least on of these pages consistently before I can do that. (hopefully, by end of February).

Layout 1 – working on stickings throughout page 1 and 2; start working on memorization of this section soon

Layout 2 – continue reading one hand at a time

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