Rip Tide

Layout 1-2 – RH/LH separate at 1/4 note = 100bpm; RH/LH together at 1/4 note = 70bpm

Layout 3-4-5 – RH/LH separate at 1/4 note = 80bpm; RH/LH together at 1/4 note = 60bpm

So far away from performance tempo, and still no BD included.

Surface Drifts

Technique – similar exercises

Layout 1 – have stickings (at least tentatively) figured out for all three pages in layout!!

Layout 3 – continue to work on trying out different rolls types, maintaining one type throughout, combinations of various rolls types, etc. Still not sure what will be best, but for now it is helping to get repetitions in (memory) and to build endurance to play the long ff rolls.

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