double bass!!!

Rip Tide

Technique – Started working on double bass drum technique alone – playing 16ths (RF and LF lead) at 1/4 note = 70bpm; worked on coordinating RH/LH playing unison 1/8th notes on tom and snare, while playing alternating 1/8 notes in feet.

Considering whether to play heel up or heel down. Not too fast for DB technique, so either can work. Need to be able to control mf – ff.

Read through beginning to end hands together (still not feet) at 1/4 note = 65bpm; worked layout 4-5 hands separate at 1/4 note = 100bpm, hands together at 1/4 note = 70; worked layout 1-2-3 hands together at 1/4 = 80bpm.

Surface Drifts

Nothing!! Busy day, and spent a ton of time on drumset playing around with other things.  😉


I have actually been playing drumset every day too, but for not logging it… mostly because I am reading through several books right now, and playing along with records. Books working through include: Ed Soph’s Musical Time, Ed Soph’s Essential Techniques, Rick Latham’s Advanced Funk Studies. Just trying to reacquaint myself with my YA maple custom. Need to change the heads, and tweak the left BD pedal tension. Once my hands start to feel good, I will probably begin logging this too.


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