Surface Drifts

Warmup/technique – DV exercises (m3/M3, different in each hand, moving in opposite directions); SI exercises – 1/3, 2/3, 1/4, 2/4 chromatic lines, moving in opposite directions; SA exercises – P4/M3/m3s playing 5s at 1/4 note = 92bpm, almost feels smooth, not  striking each note individually, rather simply rotating as stroke should; when trying M2s though, I lose volume (at this tempo) and have to slow and execute each note as individual strokes, not rotating… so, tried some exercises to build strength at this interval… 43124312/4343434343/12431243/12121212, and similar variations playing 16ths (Ma2nds) at 1/4 note = 92bpm (again, rotating, but striking each note)

mm. 60-end – DV block through at 1/4 note = 80bpm; metered SA (16ths) rolls at 1/4 note = 80bpm (manageable, with good volume) and 88bpm (manageable, but not great volume control, and too much tension in arms); flexibe, unmetered SA rolls and ripple rolls (when appropriate) with 1/4 note at 88bpm = I think this is going to be the best interpretation of this section of the piece because it highlights the harmony of the 2 or 4 notes together without sounding like rhythm, and it allows for easy transfer from 2 and 4 note chords without abrupt texture changes. currently i do have more limited dynamic range (on the loud side), but that will grow. And, I think I found a solution for the ending measures… instead of playing the Bb/C SA forte roll with mallets 3 and 4, I need to take a breath and switch to play the Bb with mallet 4 and C with mallet 3…. there is no breath notated, as the roll is tied over several measure, but this allows for the greatest impact/force/energy to end the piece… we will see what Michael Gatonska thinks. Almost ready…RECORD TOMORROW!!!

page 5 – worked RH 5s at 1/4 note 40-60bpm (gradually increasing speed); worked LH 5s at 1/4 note = 40-50bpm (LH patterns have more spread out intervals, and left hand is just left hand); RH is memorized, LH is almost memorized; also worked each hand alone with the other hand playing in rhythmic unison on one note

mm. 40-90 – played through (slowly reading page 5), but all else at 1/4 note = 80bpm (no metronome)

mm. 1-25 – worked on memory (much better than yesterday); tempo approximately 1/4 note = 70bpm

YAY!! Almost the whole piece is in my hands. A few measures not yet touched, and I have not added any of the grace notes yet, but the structure is in me!

Orchestra music

Worked on mallet parts (picking up tempo); listened to recordings of pieces

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