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Warmup/technique – worked on several paradiddle variations from the drumset book I am reviewing; worked through several pages of Soph’s Musical Time, exercises from Soph’s Essential Techniques (building tempo), and Latham’s Funk Studies (building tempo); double bass tech – singles and paradiddle variations (in hands and feet, sometimes in unison, sometimes in opposition) as 8ths, triplets, 16ths, and 32nds at 1/4 note = 90bpm; soft rolls (double and multiple bounce) played alternating with 32nd singles; sightreading rudimental solos and Delecluse solos at piano

2-mallet/orchestra music

Scales/arpeggios at 160bpm across entire instrument; 8th note double stops in chromatic patterns moving in opposite directions across 4 octaves

Practiced orchestra mallet parts (at tempo and faster), listened to recordings and read through percussion scores focused on choreography and movement between instruments.

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