adding embellishments!

Warmup – worked through several Morello-style variations on paradiddle permutation on the drum pad; various stick control exercises

Sightread – rudimental snare solos from Les Parks’ book

Surface Drifts

Warmup/technique – SA exercises; played thorugh 93-end hands separately with SA rolls; SI exercises playing 5s at 70bpm

5s – worked hands separate at 70bpm, and hands together at about 40bpm

Grace note passages (these are the last notes left to learn) – started working through these today… these are definitely posing some interesting challenges. For the six measures that include separate, but simultaneous, grace notes in both hands, I think I am going to need to notate an actual composite rhythm in order to make the relationships more clear… also, it may make it easier to play, so I am not just reading the two hands as linear passages to be played in one hand. Not sure if this is the right approach, but this is where I want to start…

Mm. 1-25 – worked memory and tempo

Mm 26-39 – starting to memorize

Played through entire piece – so much work left to do, but the hearing piece as a whole right now (though very under tempo) is helpful


Rip Tide

Worked problem measures ONLY at 90bpm

Played beginning to end at 88bpm (hands only)!!! Only crash was at mm. 130-134.

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