working it

Warmup – worked stick control, roll, rudiment exercises on pad; sightread Les Parks’ rudimental snare solos

Rip Tide

Technique – double-stop 8th-note chromatic (opposing direction) scales at 120-170bpm; worked on improvising chromatic and diatonic patterns (hands separately) at 155-170bpm/… LH lags behind RH by at least 10-15bpm, and is not able to maintain loud volume (this is both a mental and physical challenge); RH is good.

Problem spots –  worked three of the six problem spots at 70-95bpm hands together; playing goals/games are to execute each passage accurately at least 10x or 5x in a row before taking the tempo up 5-10bpm, sometimes adding prior passages to test ability to play in context

…and that’s it for today. ;-(

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