building tempos

2-mallets/Rip Tide

Sightread – Bach partita

Warmup/Improv/Technique – improvised in dorian scale over a C# drone, focus on incorporating double strokes that move from naturals to accidentals, and building tempo/endurance with double stops; then played around a bit more with the natural to accidental stroke, notice more specifically today that the LH is more inaccurate when moving outward nat to acc than inward, and that the issue is over-reaching combined with not rebounding high enough from the naturals – when I thought about accenting the second note (the accidental), the issue was resolved, though with some tension.

Mm. (94)119-151 – began by working this section with the same approach as yesterday, playing 2 beats into the next downbeat, at 160bpm. I can only mentally handle this approach for about 20-minutes, so I got through mm. 119-134, took a short break, then played mm. 94-151 straight through, no metronome as fast as comfortable – with many sections pushing 145-50bpm with ease (though some wrong notes)!!! I also read through with hands separate, and in this way both hands were pushing 180bpm!!!

Mm. 1-93 – worked hands separate at 170bpm (LH struggles with endurance and maintaining good rebound/use at this tempo, partially due to the larger intervallic jumps and numerous shifts between naturals to accidentals; RH is fine).

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