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Morning reading: Steven Schick’s Percussionists Art, Chapter re: To The Earth, by Zweski



Warmup/Improvisation/Technique – through improvisation, worked on building speed of singles and double stops…with mental focus on use, as well as music. I think I am starting to find good use even when in different positions/postures.


4-mallets/Surface Drifts

Sightreading – Bach partita

Improvisation – included DV, SI strokes (in all variations), focus on endurance in outside mallets, and left hand, in particular

5s – working in similar manner as with Rip Tide, playing one beat at a time into the following downbeat, trying to build tempo, hands separate at 70bpm.


Drumset/Snare drum

Improvisation/Technique – improvised in various styles (rudimental, samba, swing, rock) with focus on double 16ths in BD as fast-ish tempos. Right leg gets tense, but I am able to resolve it once I notice the tension… not sure if tension is resulting from lack of strength, poor positioning, or inefficient technique?? TBD, I suppose. 😉

Music – played with recordings and charted out a few tunes for upcoming gig


Surface Drifts

5s – worked hands separate and together at 60bpm – there are a few transitions that are difficult with hands together at this tempo, but separately, I am able to maintain good use, so just need to do that more. I think, too, that next session I can push to 70bpm hands together for most of the 5s.

TO DO TOMORROW – Grace notes/mm. 1-39

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