channeling cage

I didn’t actually play any instrument this weekend, (and won’t much today or tomorrow) as I was working on final preparations for an upcoming concert of John Cage!! I got to forage for plant materials for Child of Tree, and spend some time realize my scores for Child of Tree and for Cartridge Music. Concert is Tuesday!!

Rip Tide

Improvisation/Technique – TTs and m2s… 😉 I just played around with melodic ideas that highlighted TTs and m2, because they are my favorite intervals, starting with simple overlapping crescendos and decrescendos, and becoming more melodic. Technical issues focused on included double stops, building tempo, dead strokes, and more…

Rip Tide mm. 94-152 –  worked hands separate at 180bpm (this tempo is fine in right hand, but about 5pm too fast for comfort in left hand); hands together in two-beat sections at 170bpm (there are still a few measures in this section that I end up flamming the quick transitions from lower to upper manual in LH and from thunder sheet/splash cymbal to keys in RH); THEN, played thru whole section with metronome on at 150bpm… NOT TOO BAD!! A lot of inaccuracies, tension okay, reading was mostly fine (meaning, eyes on music and still hitting targets), but this is 20bpm faster than last major breakthru in tempo.



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