what does it mean to be free?


Improvisation/Technique – in a somewhat disjunct improv, I played over a steady 8th note pulse in BD (prep for Rip Tide, etc.), then focused on grooves with two or three consecutive 16th notes on BD (again, focus on BD technique and use, etc.). Not much else to say about this, except that there was more tension than I want in my right shoulder and right leg…. need to think (or not think) about my use. I played a bit with the tension and position of the BD pedal, making it more flexible and  with a starting position closer to the head; I want to see if this adjustment allows me to play more smoothly. I did play a bit after making the adjustment and felt like it may be an improvement, but I need to get used to it.

I’m going to see Roger Waters in Albany, NY tonight, so I’m done for the day!!

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