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Rip Tide (first session)

Warmup – exercise at 140, 150, 160 and 170bpm. focus on maintaining relaxed jaw and neck.

Mm. 153-end – putting everything together (cymbals, BD, seated position, etc.). I worked on this without the metronome, but around 100-110bpm. I am struggling with this section; not the technicality of putting the parts together – that is fine. I am conflicted about whether or not I will need to sit and/or need to play the double kick pedal. At this point it is doable both ways, and I think it will be at least up to 160-170bpm. I’d prefer to NOT sit, and to use only one foot, playing the pedal normally. BUT, if it turns out that I can’t do that at the faster tempo, or if I get too unbalanced standing on one foot the entire time (mostly an issue for practicing, not the performance – the piece should be less than 5 minutes), then I will need to completely change the bass drum technique to playing with double pedal, seated, and with pedals behind me. As I write, I am thinking that thus far, it has been pretty easy to go back and forth between these two… so it may turn out to be equally as easy to change later? Not sure. In any case, I think right now I am going to stick with standing and one pedal. I will keep the double pedal connected, in case I find it possible to switch feet at opportune times, making it less taxing to practice. Hhhmmm…

Mm. 153-end – worked with metronome at 110bpm (everything included, standing, playing BD with right foot); not too bad. It’s hard to hear metronome with everything going, so headphones are now in.


Rip Tide (second session)

Mm. 94-152 – worked with (and without) metronome at 110bpm (all in, same as above); again, not too bad.

All – worked through 2x mm. 94-end at 55bpm… to solidify muscle movement/memory a bit; worked through all at 100bpm.

A few notes to self:

Last page is memorized… I am not intentionally trying to memorize this, but it is happening slowly. Ultimately, I think it will be memorized, though maybe not for the first few performances.

Running the entire thing with all instruments in, I am able to see places that I will be able to rest and stand on two feet. Really, the piece is not that long and I will be able to stand on one foot throughout. But, I do need to build up the tolerance to practice the piece for even these shorter 45-60 minute sessions.

I should be spending most of my practice time now building the tempo up to 120bpm with all instruments in. Currently, I can play everything, all instruments in at about 110bpm, with some transition issues and only a few measures that consistently trip me up. So, next goal point is 120bpm.

I am ready to record this for Michael, so he can get a sense of the sound of my chosen instruments/mallets as a whole. I am going to record without the metronome, and probably fluctuating the tempo to play each section at the fastest accurate tempo possible. This means probably fluctuating between 100-120bpm.


Rip  Tide (third session)

Ran all (without metronome) – 1x only.

Changed BD head, and worked through all with BD positioned behind instead of in front… so, playing kicking the heel down, rather than the toe.


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