sometimes things just keep getting better (thankfully!!)

Surface Drifts (first session)

Warmup – DV, SI (with 5s), and DV alternating block chord exercises, focus on flexible, moving spine and full back and abdomen.

All 5s (from memory) – hands separate at 60bpm; hands together at 50bpm, working backwards from the end of each phrase. Better than yesterday, but still have issues with one particular transition.

56-end – ran all. Felt very good; hands not tired, sections are starting to feel more integrated!

Surface Drifts (second session)

Two quick runs of all 5s – second time was better 😉

Mm. 1-39 – worked on memory and choreography; good progress here… need to focus more on mm.26-39… not memorized at all. Mm. 1-25 = memorized.

Hands are feeling great today!!


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