days could be easier

Morning read: Of Poetry and Protest, Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin



Warmup/Improvisation/Technique – actually played on drumpad this morning, improvising with technical focus on singles, doubles, and flams at various times

Played along (on pad) with several tracks in prep for upcoming gig


2-mallet/Rip Tide

BD technique – Worked on playing steady 8s with BD foot, sitting and standing, at 140bpm and 145bpm; tried to do this with dynamic control, with independent crescendos/decrescendos in both hands and in right foot

Mm. 43-93 – two-beats by two-beats, into following downbeat at 170bpm; played through all at 154bpm – had to stop and restart a few times, but considering that this is about 15bpm faster than last time I ran it, I don’t think it’s too bad. There was definitely more tension in the long run, though, and more mental strain trying to read music that fast.

Worked through all with BD, around 130bpm, no metronome, perched on a very high timpani stool. This works with one foot…at this tempo.

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