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Warmup/Improvisation/Technique – playing along with various tracks (in prep for upcoming gig), I improvised focusing on relaxed use, often forcing left-hand lead, with single, double, and flam rudiments, etc.


4-mallets/Surface Drifts

Warmup/Improv/Technique – brief improvisation with focus on SI, SA, DV strokes. Improv today began quite meditative, and somewhat meandering – my mind was preoccupied and I was feeling a spazing muscle in my right shoulder (due to yesterday’s arm workout), so it felt like just moving hands – however,  after a few minutes, the sounds made me listen and it became more intentional. Then, I moved into improvising chords and melodic lines over the chord progressions in the Bach Violin Sonata sitting on the music stand. And then…

Sightread – Bach Violin Sonata No. 1, Fugue

Surface Drifts 5s – worked thru hands separate and together at mp, with focus on use and positioning, no metronome, but around 50bpm. It is much easier to maintain good use when playing soft; perhaps I should build tempo at soft dynamic, and build volume/velocity at slower tempos simultaneously.

Surface Drifts mm. 1-14 – in two-beat segments, building tempo at 80bpm, highlighting two-beat phrases that pose greatest challenge to good use



Surface Drifts mm. 15-39 – in one- beat segments, focus on building tempo

grace notes!!

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