do what doesn’t feel right!!


Stick control in hands with samba in BD/HH; stick control in feet with alternating hands in rhythmic unison (16ths) at 1/4 note = 90bpm; Soph Essential Techniques ex 1 5-22 at 1/4 note = 100-110bpm; Latham Funk Studies hi-hat off beat groove exercises at 1/4 note = 120bpm; Soph Musical Time ex 41-50 at 1/4 note = 135bpm with snare and BD comping.

I know I need to spend more time out of books, and with recordings, but…. we all have the tendency to do what comes easily. For me, it is reading.

So, here I go…my goal this week is to get out of these books!!!

Played along with Sonny Rollins Blue Seven – mostly focused on playing time, comping and soloing in style similar to drummer Max Roach on album

Rip Tide

Eighth-note exercises at 1/4 note = 165bpm.  At the moment, it feels as if 160bpm is going to be my highest possible performance tempo for this piece. Not sure how this is going to affect the intent of the piece (supposed to be 200bpm), but I am doubtful that I will be able to maintain control at any speed faster than that. Again, these are my thoughts at this moment… still months away from performance.

Page 6/7/8/9 – worked hands separate at 1/ note = 150bpm; hands together at 1/4 note = 80bpm

Played through all at 1/4 note = 80bpm. Mostly accurate, but had to stop and work a few measures (marked those in music). I think it is time to start adding the metal instruments, and picking up the tempo of everything incrementally.  I know what notes/patterns are there and the more I read through all, the more quick the recognition will be.  Continue to work pages 6-8 most for several weeks.


Listened and read through score of Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.

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