when your head is not in the game…

Been a bit distracted the past few days, so it is a bit of a task to get into things in the practice room.

Rip Tide

2 mallet warmup; creating and transcribing melodic lines over ii V I’s

Played through everything RH and LH separate at 1/4 note = 150bpm. Page 6 is definitely better today (patterns are more quickly recognizable to the eye and there is less tension in the hands… muscle memory at work), so the other day of concentrated practice on it really helped. Today, I am tackling page 8.

Worked hands separate incrementally speeding up from 1/4 note – 100bpm-135bpm; hands together working slowly at 1/4 note = 65-80bpm… slow for sure and not much progress on the tempo, but it feels better in the hands, and I am getting a better idea of which side I need to focus on.

Moving on

When my head is not in it, I sight-read. Today, I read through all of Bach’s Dmi Cello Suite = my favorite.

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