sleep practicing!!

I love it when I wake up in the morning during dreams of practicing! The brain is quite amazing… I must have spent over 60 minutes practicing while I was sleeping! I call that efficient. 😉

Time lag piece (with Andris Balins)

Thinking of different types of instruments and techniques to record/work with separately – keyboard instruments (maybe divide metal vs. wood keyboard instruments); snare; toms/bass drums; cymbals and other metal; playing with different implements/techniques – striking, scratching, wiping, rubber ball rubbing,


Slow Blues in F (Aebersold playalong); ii V I’s in several keys – with both of these I was focusing on landing on chord tones on the downbeats and trying to create melodic lines rather than rhythmic lines.

Sonny Rollins Blue 7 (read chart, listened, played along)




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