going in with no plan = not the best idea i had today

Rip Tide

Warmup/technique – exercise with BD, 1x no metronome; then at 130bpm, 140bpm, 150bpm, 160bpm. I am still working to find the best height for the stool…when legs are comfortable and balance is good, the arms are not comfortable, when arms are comfortable, balance is off and legs are too straight for comfort. There will be a solution. I just haven’t found it yet.

Mm. 1-93 – with and without metronome, with double kick and single kick, between 130-170bpm. Today’s lack of strategy was a mess… however, when I calmed down and just tried playing with single pedal at 130bpm, all was well and more solid than it was previously

Mm. 94-116 – with and without metronome at 130bpm. Not bad, but I am really tense!!! Need to stop!

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