changing positions

Surface Drifts (first session)

AT floor work

Warmup – DV, SI, and SA exercises

Mm. 1-31 – worked with metronome at 1/8th note at 100bpm; hands together, working through each phrase numerous times (beginning with last phrase, and working backwards always playing all the way to the end – this way I am getting tons of repetition on the less familiar sections), requiring at least 5-8x with 95% accuracy before moving on. 100bpm feels pretty good, except for the long phrase on the second half of page one. I should start at 100bpm next time I come to this piece, and work up at least +10bpm over the course of the next week.

Mm. 31-39 – worked without metronome (almost there!!!)

NEED TO DO/FINAL NOTES TO LEARN: M. 40 – grace notes (R and L hands separate)


Rip Tide (second session)

Set up BD so that I could actually use the double kick pedal. Played through exercise, with double kick pedal at 140bpm, 150bpm, 160bpm, and 170bpm. Arms and legs started phasing one another when I got to 170bpm, partially due to fatigue and partially due to technical discomfort.

Mm. 1-94 – worked in sections, all in at 130bpm (seated, and playing double kick pedal); a little sloppy, but much less fatigue than standing and playing with one foot. This is the solution, but I need to develop better balance playing with both feet from a stool that is a bit too high for comfort.


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