just another day in paradise

Surface Drifts (first session)

Warmup – DV 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-note build; SI 1/3, 2/3, 1/4, 2/4 combinations

Mm. 40-end memory check – about 95% accurate with dynamics, pitch, and rhythm!!!! Like yesterday, I did this as a speed run, hoping my mind and hands would be able to think faster than the piece actually requires.

Mm. 1-31 (including grace notes in m. 9 and m. 23) – played thru several times from memory

Mm. 31-39 – learned notes (one beat at a time)

Mm. 40-end memory check – same as above = good!

Sight read Bach Sonata


Surface Drifts (second session)

Ran ALL (looking at music ONLY mm. 31-39) – again, at least 95% accuracy

Mm. 1-31 – worked with metronome at 1/8th note at 80bpm; first, played through with metronome hands separate; then, hands together, working through each phrase numerous times, requiring at least 5-8x with 95% accuracy before moving on. Then, ran mm. 1-31 as written, with metronome at 1/8th note = 80bpm, and at 100bpm…both tempos pretty good. Start at 100bpm next time.

Mm. 31-39 – worked without metronome

M. 28 Learned grace notes (R and L hands separate still for all grace notes); still need to learn grace notes in m. 40


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