marimba workouts

Rip Tide (first session)

AT floor work

Warmup – exercise created for piece, with BD, at 140bpm (this is about as fast as I can comfortably control the BD mf dynamic while playing the 8th notes standing with a single bass drum pedal)

Mm. 119-end (hands only… need to give left leg a rest) – worked sections between 110-120bpm… with no metronome running; then worked several sections together, finally running all mm. 119-end with and without metronome at 110 and 120bpm. 110bpm was pretty comfortable, 120bpm got a bit messy between mm. 167-180. Otherwise, good.

Mm. 119-end – played 1x hands and feet at around 110bpm (no metronome) – better than expected. I think I need to continue working hands alone (marimba and cymbals), and then adding BD… Standing on left foot alone is too taxing to work for even a short 45-minute practice session. At this point, today, I have been at it for almost 90-minutes, only standing on left foot for about 15. That is doable, and doesn’t seem to be difficult to add it after hands are comfortable.

Practicing this piece is definitely a workout… I am taking 60-90 second breaks between runs, just like sets at the gym. 😉


Rip Tide (second session)

Quick improv (including cymbals), and SR Bach (though that was hard to do with all the cymbals in the way)

Mm. 43-118 (hands only) – worked at 110bpm (with metronome)

Mm. 43-118 (hands and feet) – played thru 1x at 110bpm (without metronome); then, worked it for a while, trying to pick up tempo…

Mm. 43-end (all in) – ran 2x (no metronome) close to 130bpm!!! AND, I am sweating, but focused… only 74degrees in practice room today. 😉


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