short day

Rip Tide

Warmup exercise – 4 sets, with BD at 138, 144, 150bpm (2x), with 90 second breaks between each set; at 150bpm I started to feel my BD foot spaz and play too loud, but if I focus the technique on just flicking my ankle, rather than using my leg (which is happening because I’m getting tense), then it stays in control; I also tried to play at 152bpm, but quickly lost control and didn’t think I was going to get it, so I went back to 150bpm.

Mm. 119-180 – worked hands only at 130bpm, with metronome on. I did at least 10x on each section – this was actually pretty messy, but by pushing the tempo beyond my comfort I was forcing myself to process the input a bit faster. Again, accuracy was not great (especially mm. 167-180), but I was able to maintain lack of tension, and this is necessary at this point to get me out of the 120bpm rut.

Mm. 167-180 – worked hands only at 120bpm


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