still pushing ;-)

Rip Tide

I didn’t get in significant practice on this piece over the weekend, so I am carrying over my weekend practice schedule to today.

Sightread – Bach Violin Sonatas and Partitas

Warmup – exercise for piece, with BD, at 120bpm, 130bpm, 140bpm (2x), 150bpm, and 152bpm, with 90 seconds between each set – much more in control than last efforts. However, at 150 and 152bpm, it took about 16 18th-notes before my BD was in control…once it was there, it stayed, but I need this to be immediate.

Mm. 119-168 (no BD) – played all slowly 1x, no metronome around 105bpm; with metronome at 115bpm, 120bpm, 125bpm, and 130bpm, in sections, not moving on until having played at least 4x with 90%+ accuracy AND lack of tension.

Quick AT floor session

Mm. 169-180 (no BD) – same as above, but at 110bpm only… brain is fried!!

Mm. 1-118 (all in) – played 1x with metronome at 115bpm , and 1x at 125bpm. Frankly, neither run sounded great, but my I am processing through faster, so there is progress.

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