playing games ;-)

Again today, I am working on practicing in shorter segments.

Surface Drifts

Warmup – basic SI, DV, SA exercises

Mm. 56-60 (5s) – worked hands separate and together memorized. The last time I really worked these measures with the metronome (almost a month ago), I was at 70bpm hands separate, 40bpm hands together. Today, everything is slower – 60bpm hands separate, 35-40bpm hands together – this is as a whole phrase; shorter fragments of the phrase can be played faster.

Mm. 61-92 – worked DV (alt) chords at 80bpm

Mm. 93-end – worked DV (alt) chords around 80bpm… I am really starting to hear the harmonies, and the swells, sing with this approach. Soon, I will make a new recording of this for Michael.

Mm. 1-14 – worked memory; tempo approx. 50bpm (about the same as where I ended the last time I worked heavily on pushing tempo here).


Rip Tide

Mm. 119-end is currently at about 100bpm; Mm. 30-118 is currently at about 115bpm; Mm. 1-29 is at 130bpm.

My goal for the next 2-4 weeks is to get everything at 130bpm (mallets only) and to integrate the cymbals and bass drum at 100bpm throughout…then make recordings of each, and explore mallet/stick options.

Mm. 119-end – played at 110bpm (not bad), then at 130bpm (of course, not great at all, but I had to check), then worked for a whileit at 105bpm (great!!!); then, just for fun, I tried it at 130bpm again (kinda horrrible, but definitely way better than my first try at 130bpm today.) 😉





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