testing the limits

Rip Tide

Warmup – chromatic runs, 3rds, 4ths, TTs, 5ths

Mm. 119-end –  ran thru 2x at 100bpm; worked short and long sections, then ran all, at 105bpm; worked short and long sections, then ran all at 110bpm. Tempos are increasing daily, and without physical/mental tension!! Tried running all of this at 125bpm… just for fun. It wasn’t too bad.

Mm. 43-118 – ran thru 2x at 110bpm. I need to keep working at this tempo today, because I am tensing up both physically and mentally. Really, I just got distracted, and my awareness ceased to resolve tensions before they happened, and defaulted to realizing tension after it was occurring. Then judgement of self came in. So, rather than pushing it, I decided to stick at that tempo, and not work on this much longer today.

Surface Drifts

Just did some basic DV, SI, SA exercises, and didn’t actually get back to the instrument today.


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